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About Us

Prancing Paw of New Jersey

We are a local, family owned full-service pet sitting, dog walking and pet taxi business serving the North Hudson and South Bergen county waterfronts. Serving the region since 2010, we have continued an impeccable reputation within the community.

“Each pet is treated with the professional attention you deserve as a pet owner. Pet owners can be confident that their pup is happy, exercised and loved by our dedicated staff.”

Small Walk Group Approach

Prancing Paws does not walk large groups of dogs, but rather provide walks in small groups of friends or individual walks. Walk groups (2-4 in number) are carefully considered based on temperament, size and age. This keeps the “Friend’s Group” relaxed, happy and manageable. At the end of each walk, your pet is provided with fresh water bowls and a thorough cleaning of paws.

“We are here to establish a stress-free schedule for you and your pet, so when you get home from work the pet-parent relationship can be more focused on quality time.”

Core Values

We love both nature and animals. This love allows us to always delivery quality services with the upmost respect. You and your pets deserve this type of attention. We believe that there must be a balance between people and nature if the Earth is to thrive.

“Patience, Commitment, Respect, Observation, and Love” are the foundational principals behind our dogma. Adherence to this dogma, empowers our staff to become fully aware of your dog’s fascinating characteristics and become close companions."

North Hudson & South Bergen Waterfronts
North Hudson & South Bergen Waterfronts